精通开关电源设计《Switching Power Supplies A - Z》经典教材(英文原版)书籍视频


Switching Power Supplies A - Z

Sanjaya Maniktala 









This book is the most comprehensive study available of the theoretical and practical aspects of controlling and measuring Electromagnetic Interference in switching power supplies, including input filter instability considerations.

The new edition is thoroughly revised with six completely new chapters, while the existing EMI chapters are expanded to include many more step-by-step numerical examples and key derivations and EMI mitigation techniques. New topics cover the length and breadth of modern switching power conversion techniques, lucidly explained in simple but thorough terms, now with uniquely detailed ";wall-reference charts"; providing easy access to even complex topics.



Chapter 1. The Principles of Switching Power Conversion

Chapter 2. DC–DC Converter Design and Magnetics

Chapter 3. Off-Line Converter Design and Magnetics

Chapter 4. The Topology FAQ

Chapter 5. Advanced Magnetics

Part 1: Energy Transfer Principles

Part 2: Energy to Core Sizes

Part 3: Toroids to E-Cores

Part 4: More on AC–DC Flyback Transformer Design

Part 5: More on AC–DC Forward Converter Transformer Design

Chapter 6. Component Ratings, Stresses, Reliability, and Life

Part 1: Ratings and Derating in Power Converter Applications

Part 2: MTBF, Failure Rate, Warranty Costs, and Life

Part 3: Life Prediction of Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

Chapter 7. Optimal Power Components Selection

Chapter 8. Conduction and Switching Losses

Chapter 9. Discovering New Topologies

Part 1: Fixed-Frequency Synchronous Buck Topology

Part 2: Fixed-Frequency Synchronous Boost Topology

Part 3: Current-Sensing Categories and General Techniques

Part 4: The Four-Switch Buck-Boost

Part 5: Auxiliary Rails and Composite Topologies

Part 6: Configurations and “Topology Morphology”

Part 7: Other Topologies and Techniques

Chapter 10. Printed Circuit Board Layout

Chapter 11. Thermal Management

Chapter 12. Feedback Loop Analysis and Stability

Chapter 13. Advanced Topics

Part 1: Voltage Ripple of Converters

Part 2: Distributing and Reducing Stresses in Power Converters

Part 3: Coupled Inductors in Interleaved Buck Converters

Part 4: Load Sharing in Paralleled Converters

Chapter 14. The Front End of AC–DC Power Supplies

Part 1: Low-Power Applications

Part 2: High-Power Applications and PFC

Chapter 15. EMI Standards and Measurements

Part 1: Overview and Limits

Part 2: Measurements of Conducted EMI

Chapter 16. Practical EMI Line Filters and Noise Sources in Power Supplies

Part 1: Practical Line Filters

Part 2: DM and CM Noise in Switching Power Supplies

Chapter 17. Fixing EMI Across the Board and Input Filter Instability

Part 1: Practical Techniques for EMI Mitigation

Part 2: Modules and Input Instability

Chapter 18. The Math Behind the Electromagnetic Puzzle

Chapter 19. Solved Examples

Part 1: FET Selection

Part 2: Conduction Losses in the FETs

Part 3: FET Switching Losses

Part 4: Inductor Loss

Part 5: Input Capacitor Selection and Loss

Part 6: Output Capacitor Selection and Loss

Part 7: Total Losses and Efficiency Estimate

Part 8: Junction Temperature Estimates

Part 9: Control Loop Design




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