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It’s generally agreed that GaN transistor has the capability of fast switching and low switching loss, while the lack of availability of efficient driver limits the utilization of GaN application. GaN transistors generally behave like power MOSFETs, but at much higher switching speeds and power densities [1]. To better understanding of the similarities and differences is fundamental understanding by how much existing power conversion systems can be improved by using GaN-based device technologies. The nowadays challenge is pushing ahead with the switching frequency to 100MHz in low power application and several MHz in high power application.




This paper addresses the challenges of utilizing high speed GaN transistors, including the general challenges and technical challenges. This paper also introduce the state-of-the-art of GaN gate driver design and bring out the possible approach of achieving the high efficiency power converter.


1. Challenges and needs of developing novel gate driver for GaN transistor

1. General challenges

2. Technical challenges in GaN gate driver design

2. The state-of-the-art of Gate driver design for the GaN transistors

3. Our approach


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You can learn how to design a driver for high speed transistor and how to analyze the drawbacks of driver designYou can easily know how to determine whether a driver is good or not.





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